Vegas Confessions Episode 11.0; This Hotel sucks…

April 20, 2018

Welcome to Vegas Confessions! In this episode we yet again come together to talk all about Vegas Goodness. Join us as we invite Mr Richard Kerr from Award travel 101 to discuss his upcoming seminar At Zorkfest, and all his secrets to finding a good deal. Also, we have a banter back and forth about Rooms.  Do you care where you stay or is it the view, location, or status for you? plus my co-hosts break my balls on my Birthday.  Cheers...

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*Richard Kerr is the Travel 101 facebook founder and fellow Veteran. follow him @Awrdtravel101...Thank you sir for coming on!


Vegas Confessions Episode 10.5; Jonathan Jossel from the Plaza Hotel and Casino

April 13, 2018

Hello Everybody! Welcome to another episode of Vegas Confessions.  In this Episode, we roll our sleeves up and have a fantastic interview with none other than Jonathan Jossel, from the Plaza Hotel and Casino.  We also have some Plaza history, as well as a voicemail, and a wrap up conversation of the 3 best and 3 worst from a great freind of the show, Joey Gibson.....  Cheers!

*Follow Jonathan on Twitter, @Jonathanjossel, and call and reserve a room at an iconic property, the Plaza Hotel and Casino.  1-800-634-6575.

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Vegas Confessions episode 10.0; Everybody get in the clown car….

April 6, 2018

Welcome everyone to another Vegas Confessions episode!  So were continuing our discussion with the best 3 and worst 3 of Vegas, and we bring on some friends of ours to do it. A big shout out to Chris from "Faces and Aces", Mitch from "Tipping the Odds", and our friend Kyle. Nothing but good times!

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Follow our friend Kyle @whispers_vegas.  He has been a long time lover of the Town where his parents used to take him to watch s**t blow up when he was a kid.


Vegas Confessions episode 9.5; Ball swingin’ to cruise hook ups, we got it all…

March 30, 2018

Welcome everyone to Vegas Confessions!  We are stretching our legs on this one, bringing great people in to start a new segment, "Your 3 best and 3 worst of Vegas". Plus we have a trip report from Eric, and an interview with Craig Shacklett from  Plus we have a quick interview with the Poker legend himself, "The Trooper", as well as a friend of ours, Bogan Painter.  Follow us on our new site,, and on twitter @vegasconfesspod.   Cheers!

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"the trooper"                 Iron Maiden

"Thrash Unreal"             Against me!

"Hello, Hurray"              Alice Cooper

"good hard screwing"     Larry Pierce