Vegas Confessions Episode 22; “From Laughlin to Atlantic City…We get Around”…

August 4, 2018

Hello everybody, welcome to a unique Vegas Confessions Episode! We had this idea, along with the founding Fathers of Oceans14, to spread into two different trips: one in laughlin, NV, and one in Atlantic City, NJ...We each chose which place to go and splintered off, capturing wholesome goodness along the way.Enjoy this Episode as we capture a live recording from Laughlin at the Red Dragon Casino at River Lodge, (Thank You Laughlin River Lodge)...and a recorded get together set-up by my 2nd wife Julian, in AC.  Hope you enjoy the two perspectives!   Cheers..


Vegas Confessions Episode 21.5; “Just the Tip”

July 26, 2018

Hello everyone!  This one isn't a full blown episode, but we wanted to put something out just to let you guy's know were thinking about ya!  cheers...


Vegas Confessions Episode 21; “Meet the Prince, the King, and (sigh)..the Queen”

July 21, 2018

Hello everyone!  we all are busy prepping for the Oceans 14 split trip, but we managed to squeeze this one out. Eric is packing for Bunfest, and we discuss the Oceans 14 itinerary.  We also cover things that drive us crazy in Casino's.  Enjoy!

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Vegas Confessions Episode 20; “You have amazing talent…I just don’t care”

July 13, 2018

Hello everybody, welcome to Vegas Confessions episode 20!  On this one, we release news about upcoming events in Laughlin for our Oceans 14 trip, have an amazing call-in, and discuss action packed motrocycle adventure in Vegas.  We also cover some history on the one and only Howard Hughes.  Enjoy!

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