Vegas Confessions Episode 20; “You have amazing talent…I just don’t care”

July 13, 2018

Hello everybody, welcome to Vegas Confessions episode 20!  On this one, we release news about upcoming events in Laughlin for our Oceans 14 trip, have an amazing call-in, and discuss action packed motrocycle adventure in Vegas.  We also cover some history on the one and only Howard Hughes.  Enjoy!

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Vegas Confessions Episode 19; “Let’s visit our soft, more gentler side”

July 6, 2018

Welcome everyone to Vegas Confessions 19!  So, sometimes we just want to share.  Not cram a bunch of interviews or history or tactics down your throat, but just....share.  In this episode we do just that.  Get to know us a little bit.  Don't be scared.

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Vegas Confessions Special Episode 18.5; The Matchgame!

June 30, 2018

Hello Ladies and gentleman, welcome to a special episode called "The Matchgame"...This was truly a labor of love from EVERYONE, and can't say enough of how cool it was to be a part of it!  This was put together to help promote our groups Ocean 14 trip to not only Atlantic City, but to Laughlin as well, and to show people that if they come, what kind of great people and great times can be had...Huge shout out to everyone, in no particular order:

*Chris from @FacesandAcesLV, Tom @Vegas_Nerd, Eric @erosenthal1029, Jidan @Mrs_Shadowen, Julian @julianromero559, Randy @Randoshadow, Doug @Epicesquire, Kyle @Whispers_vegas, And last but not least, Josefina @Jo_Dancingqueen....




Vegas Confessions Episode 18; Plumbing issues on the beautiful sands of AC…

June 29, 2018

Welcome everybody to Vegas Confessions! on the episode we hook up by phone and fanny pack with our co-host Eric who was in AC for the Hard Rock grand opening.  Also we add Kyle from Due for a win podcast in the mix! Enjoy...

*Listen to Craig and Kyle from the "due for a Win" podcast, where they cover everything gambling in Atlantic City!

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