Vegas Confessions “Joyous Holiday Festivus Bash”

December 19, 2018

Happy Holidays to everyone out there!  We all love the Holidays in our own weird little way.  One of Vegas Confessions love's, is recording something a little different from our usual show.   We hope you enjoy this gift, and bless you all in the New Year!

*Special Thanks to: Mitch from "Tipping the Odds", DJ Cosagio from "Vegas Untz", Mark and  Mike from "You can bet on that", Cousin Vito from "Vito's Casino", Chris from "Faces and Aces", Chris from "The Las Vegas club", Scott from "Vital Vegas", Tim from "The bettor life", and T-Bag and Spike from "Two Morons talking about Casinos and stuff"....We consider you all friends as well as great Podcasters.....and to James from get a lump of coal.... Cheers..


Vegas Confessions episode 34; “Welcome Philly, Eric is so happy”

December 8, 2018

Welcome to Vegas Confessions episode 34!  Even though one of co-hosts couldn't join us on the intro and outro, Eric was awesome enough to line up a prerecorded interview with his host from his favorite city, Philadelphia.  We welcome Zack to the show, to discuss the world of being a host for Harrah's Philly.  Cheers!


Vegas Confessions Episode 33; “Kyle, its kinda your fault”

November 25, 2018

Welcome everyone to another episode of Vegas Confessions.  On this one, we welcome back my second wife Julian, to cover and recap our Oceans14XL trip.  All great times with great people, aside from some bumps in the road.  Cheers!

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Vegas Confessions Episode 32; Live at the Plaza Hotel and Casino

November 17, 2018

Join us in listening to the live recorded podcast during Oceans XL14!  The CEO of the Plaza, Jonathan Jossel, joins us in the intro and we have several guests throughout the show that includes Scott Roeben from Vital Vegas, Spike and T-bag from the podcast, "Two morons talking about Casino stuff, and Catherine who is an expert at the video poker game.  We also "Knight" Daniel as our Vegas confessions brand ambassador!  Enjoy!

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