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Episode 43; Better Call Saul

Episode 43; Better Call Saul

August 8, 2019

In this episode we interview our good friend Saul who recently moved to Las Vegas from California, The crew picked his brain about the transition to our favorite place on earth, As well as pro's & con's, Even to his recent discoveries of places that frequent visitors should check out when in town. Due to a time crunch Julian and Eric cover some awesome shout outs & Stories of things that happen recently in Las Vegas & at their local Casinos, You can hear about how both Julian & Kelli won $250 in free play in the stadium gaming $10,000 hot set giveaway and how hey were able to turn it into cash and what they walked away with? Included was some crazy reviews that owners of places in Las Vegas handled some of the negative reviews. The guys even covered some very cool E-mails that came in, So sit back and relax and enjoy the show. Cheers Folks

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Episode 42; Chatting with a Casino Manager #2

Episode 42; Chatting with a Casino Manager #2

July 18, 2019

In this weeks episode the Crew is joined again by Vince who is a table games manager at one of our local Casinos, Always fun to have him on and pick his brain a lil. We have some awesome shout outs as well as some WTF Casino moments, They cover the $10,000 Hot Seat promotion at Table Mountain Casino, Eric covers his most recent trip. They even had some great E-Mails from their awesome listeners. Even chat about couples gambling and the Pro's & Con's that come with it. We also learn how Ocean Resort and Casino done pissed off Eric and how it's actually going to hurt them long term, They even cover how the crew consist of a High Roller a Medium Whale & Low Roller. You don't want to miss this episode and the laughs that come with it. Enjoy folks & CHEERS

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Episode 41; Julian & Janice Sitting In A Tree

Episode 41; Julian & Janice Sitting In A Tree

June 27, 2019

On this episode we cover our visit to see David Spade at our local Casino, As well as discovering a new potential advantage play opportunity at stadium Blackjack. We chat about Casino/Card rooms with dealers who are allowed to gamble with you on their breaks, Some generous Casino comps to even wild players comps request. Crazy Casino promotions with even more interesting names for them and what horrible timing a promotion a Casino ran this past few months, Kelli & Julian breakdown a Degenerate gambling moment they recently had while at dinner with their daughter. The crew even covered a email from our buddy TP, We even had to cover Eric's Casino crawl he's been on Lately. Also with Julian getting a job offer a his favorite Casino, The crew covers the pro's & Con's to it. They even covered some tipping procedures when it comes to Casino Host. Bonus audio included on how to treat dealers according to dealers, As well as covering some recent reviews received on iTunes. They Even covered potential interviews lined up for future episodes, To the newest Vegas Confessions Cards with the Blackjack strategy charts on the back & how you can get your hands on them & yes they are FREE. CHEERS FOLKS & ENJOY 

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Episode 40; Eric’s Las Vegas Trip Report

Episode 40; Eric’s Las Vegas Trip Report

June 13, 2019

Welcome back folks to The Vegas Confessions Podcast, This episode we had to cover our buddy Eric's week long trip to our favorite place in the world LAS VEGAS. We also mention our buddy Vinny from the 7 Out podcast who will be participating in the WSOP in Las Vegas this upcoming week. Circa's Sports book opened and was taking bets, You might wanna hear what Eric was up too , Join us as he recaps the goods and the bad if there were any. We also had a questions about taking surveys  from the casino's and have they ever been profitable for you? hope you folks enjoy and CHEERS folks.

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