Vegas Confessions Episode 12.5; “Ask us why Michael Trager is Erect….”

May 11, 2018

Welcome everyone to Vegas Confessions 12.5.  Not to beat a dead horse with people from London, but we have another guest on to tell all his casino stories, the one and only Michael trager.  Find him @baccarat_guy on twitter, and also follow @Travelzork, where he tells all the secrets to promo travel, comps, rewards and other goodness.  Join us for Zorfest in Vegas on the last weekend of May which Eric Rosenthal and Michael Trager are hosting, to improve your strategy to travel smarter and cheaper.

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*And a quick thank you to Chris from the Faces and Aces podcast for lending some last minute voiceover.  Always appreciated when you run with my off the wall ideas....


Vegas Confessions Episode 12; Bloody Good Times from Across the Pond

May 4, 2018

Man, we can't believe we made it to Episode 12!  or episode 24 if your counting for real's...We have a great surprise this Episode from a dear friend of ours from across the pond, Mr. Bunboy himself.    We also bantor about Downtown Vegas and a room review, as well as wrap up our interview with the infamous Keith Lyle!

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Vegas Confessions Episode 11.5; Come to the Darkside…

April 27, 2018

Welcome everyone, on episode 11.5, where we cover Eric's recap from "Gamblepalooza", and play the first half of the interview with Keith Lyle who was hell.  He has been in the movie "the Hangover" and continues to perform stand up across the country. We also have a confession from a great friend of ours Ed from New Jersey...or New York..I guess its all the same thing.


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Vegas Confessions Episode 11.0; This Hotel sucks…

April 20, 2018

Welcome to Vegas Confessions! In this episode we yet again come together to talk all about Vegas Goodness. Join us as we invite Mr Richard Kerr from Award travel 101 to discuss his upcoming seminar At Zorkfest, and all his secrets to finding a good deal. Also, we have a banter back and forth about Rooms.  Do you care where you stay or is it the view, location, or status for you? plus my co-hosts break my balls on my Birthday.  Cheers...

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*Richard Kerr is the Travel 101 facebook founder and fellow Veteran. follow him @Awrdtravel101...Thank you sir for coming on!