Vegas Confessions episode 5.0; the more ways than one.

January 14, 2018

    Welcome to Vegas Confessions episode 5.0...Were not sure if we should say this one is a little more "raunchy".  It is Vegas, so we decided to cover Strip clubs, the latest Casino robbings, along with the second half of The Apache Hotel, as well as some teasers to our next couple Episodes.  Please reach out and enjoy!, find us on twitter @vegasconfesspod, and reach out by Phone! (559) 461-7488..



Vegas Confessions episode 4.5; Love me some stripper robots….

January 7, 2018

     Hello everybody and welcome to another action packed episode. Join us on episode 4.5, while we cover the CES show in Vegas, statistics and facts on the booming Las Vegas economy, robot strippers, the Apache Hotel, and follow up with the second half of the interview with Seth Miller! Dont be shy to write us or call us! or find us on twitter @vegasconfesspod, or call our hotline with any story or tidbit that you might want to share! (559)461-7488.

*You can also look up Seth Miller's website Hotelhustle at:

He makes booking travel easy, and is loaded with great info about flights, hotel stays, and travel. Also find him on twitter @WandrMe.




Vegas Confessions episode 3.5; Travel is F**king awsome..

January 3, 2018

Hello everyone, here in the next VC episode, we are focusing on travel...not just to Las Vegas, but things that are amazing around it, and we have a special first half of an interview with an infamous traveler who we both personally envy.  We also cover El Cortez history, a special Confession from a friend of ours, and some predictions possibly?! for North Strip.  Enjoy!

Please reach out to tell us your confessions! at, on twitter at Vegas confesspod, and call us on our line, Dont be shy! (559)461-7488.

Also check out an update for the Zorkfest 2018! Thank you Travel Fanboy for the interview! 


Vegas Confessions: Operation Santa…

December 23, 2017

Wow, it has been a great year and there are a slew of tidbits in this one.  Stand by for our facts, Life changes, Jingle the elf confession, us spilling our heart out,and an  awsome interview with our founding father of Zorkest Michael T.  and an encore of the soon to be classic, Vegas Bunboy christmas episode. Always fun, and amazing that we have the privelige to put this together for everyone. Happy Festivus....Cheers. or @vegasconfesspod on twitter or tell us a story! (559)461-7488...