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Episode 46; Football Betting Strategies, Tips & Casino Stories PT 2

Episode 46; Football Betting Strategies, Tips & Casino Stories PT 2

September 12, 2019

The crew is back with some great recent #Casino stories, Along with our buddy Vince @Vindadddy to conclude our #Football betting talk on both #NFL & #NCAA to help our listeners make some Extra money this season. You won't want to miss Eric's Caesars reservation story that happened this past week, While he was in #Las Vegas AKA The promise land LOL... You will laugh your ass off. Plus some great shout outs and clips from some great YouTube channels you folks should be checking out for your entertainment. They even cover some casino etiquette while at the tables, Not to forget to mention they even let you know how the podcasters football pool standings are going plus so much more. Enjoy folks........... CHEERS !!

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Episode 45; Football Betting Strategies,Tips & more PT 1

Episode 45; Football Betting Strategies,Tips & more PT 1

September 4, 2019

This episode we are joined by Vince who is the #Casino Manager from previous episodes. So with Football starting up in Both NFL & NCAA we thought it would be a good idea to give listeners tips on how to get action in on some games this season, If you are a first time  sports better or always wanted to get into it. We got your back and break down the lingo to even how Handicappers looks at the numbers and they even tell you some of their strategies behind certain picks. We tried to break it down so it makes sense to first timers and even tips on how some of the professional Handicappers do it and what it is they look for. But because we could talk about Gambling all day and the different approaches to games we had to break this episode up in to a series, So here is the 1st part of 3. With a bunch of beneficial information for first timers to recreational sports betters, We hope you enjoy and feel free to send us any questions or feedback of the podcast via Email or reach out to us on Twitter @VegasConfessionsPod & you can even join our Facebook group, You can find us at Vegas Confession Podcast again we Love the feedback.  

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Episode 44; YouTube’s Sensation Matt Bridger

Episode 44; YouTube’s Sensation Matt Bridger

August 21, 2019

This weeks episode we had the privilege of chatting with YouTube's Las Vegas Vlogger Matt Bridger, Who visits our favorite city on earth Las Vegas frequently from the UK & uploads videos daily. Not only does he play just about every slot game in casinos you can think of, But also roams around Vegas and gives hotel reviews and visits different restaurants. He also does a great job of making you feel apart of his trip. This guy meets alot of fans and even makes it a point hang out and gamble with them, So we had to ask him questions about Las Vegas as well as what got him there in the first place, Even how and why he started his YouTube channel. His must do's when visiting the city, To even Favorite places to visit when in town. As well getting married in Las Vegas & how his trips differ when coming into town solo and with his wife Suzanne, This guys trips are usually a week or 2 at a time, But no matter how long he there he is always upbeat and stays on the go.  Remember to check out his YouTube channel and Subscribe we promise you will be in for a treat. So sit back relax and Enjoy CHEERS Folks.

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Episode 43; Better Call Saul

Episode 43; Better Call Saul

August 8, 2019

In this episode we interview our good friend Saul who recently moved to Las Vegas from California, The crew picked his brain about the transition to our favorite place on earth, As well as pro's & con's, Even to his recent discoveries of places that frequent visitors should check out when in town. Due to a time crunch Julian and Eric cover some awesome shout outs & Stories of things that happen recently in Las Vegas & at their local Casinos, You can hear about how both Julian & Kelli won $250 in free play in the stadium gaming $10,000 hot set giveaway and how hey were able to turn it into cash and what they walked away with? Included was some crazy reviews that owners of places in Las Vegas handled some of the negative reviews. The guys even covered some very cool E-mails that came in, So sit back and relax and enjoy the show. Cheers Folks

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