Vegas Confessions episode 10.0; Everybody get in the clown car….

April 6, 2018

Welcome everyone to another Vegas Confessions episode!  So were continuing our discussion with the best 3 and worst 3 of Vegas, and we bring on some friends of ours to do it. A big shout out to Chris from "Faces and Aces", Mitch from "Tipping the Odds", and our friend Kyle. Nothing but good times!

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"Faces and Aces": Hosted by our good friend Chris, you will find all kinds of great Vegas Stories. Follow him @FacesAndAcesLV.

"Tipping the Odds": Follow both Mitch and Dr. Kev with all talks of Gambling and Vegas...with some Rightwing humor thrown in.  Follow them @TippingOddsLV.

Follow our friend Kyle @whispers_vegas.  He has been a long time lover of the Town where his parents used to take him to watch s**t blow up when he was a kid.