Vegas Confessions Podcast

Episode 12.5; “Ask us why Michael Trager is Erect….”

May 11, 2018

Welcome everyone to Vegas Confessions 12.5.  Not to beat a dead horse with people from London, but we have another guest on to tell all his casino stories, the one and only Michael trager.  Find him @baccarat_guy on twitter, and also follow @Travelzork, where he tells all the secrets to promo travel, comps, rewards and other goodness.  Join us for Zorfest in Vegas on the last weekend of May which Eric Rosenthal and Michael Trager are hosting, to improve your strategy to travel smarter and cheaper.

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*And a quick thank you to Chris from the Faces and Aces podcast for lending some last minute voiceover.  Always appreciated when you run with my off the wall ideas....