Vegas Confessions Podcast

Episode 97: Covering Las Vegas Night Clubs/Day Clubs, Tips And Tricks & Everything You Need To Know! With Special Guest Marc Freccero

May 29, 2022

Join us for a fun listen covering all the different Las Vegas Night Clubs & Day Clubs, With Marc Freccero Who Has Visited every club in Sin City! We Discussed what people could expect when visiting these places like Entry Pricing, Dress Code, Club Promoters, Table & Bottle service Pricing, Fun Crazy Stories & The Industry itself. From the tips and tricks to ways to save money & Get your moneys worth when visiting these places, Plus The DJ Scene & We brought back The Bucket Or F**K It game to play with marc this episode. Lots Of Laughs & Beneficial Information to help prepare you for your night out in Sin City,            ENJOY FOLKS & CHEERS!!! 

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