Vegas Confessions Podcast

Episode 14.0; “Pack your bags Glady’s, were going on a trip”…

May 18, 2018

     And by trip, we mean Vegas!  Finally the time is here to all meet for Zorkfest and's been a long wait, but we are here.  Join us as we talk about sportbetting, our trip, some phone calls, and why Eric's wife does'nt think he's the best podcaster in the world.   Thank you Shaun, Chris and Han for the phone calls, and thank you Chris from Faces and Aces for the promo! Also big thanks to DJ Moe Cosagio for his help and contribution for Zorkfest!( and we stole Vegas brain)   Cheers!

*Also, we plan on recording some clippits on the trip as we go...going to make great content for the future of Vegas Confessions!