Vegas Confessions Podcast

Special Episode 18.5; The Matchgame!

June 30, 2018

Hello Ladies and gentleman, welcome to a special episode called "The Matchgame"...This was truly a labor of love from EVERYONE, and can't say enough of how cool it was to be a part of it!  This was put together to help promote our groups Ocean 14 trip to not only Atlantic City, but to Laughlin as well, and to show people that if they come, what kind of great people and great times can be had...Huge shout out to everyone, in no particular order:

*Chris from @FacesandAcesLV, Tom @Vegas_Nerd, Eric @erosenthal1029, Jidan @Mrs_Shadowen, Julian @julianromero559, Randy @Randoshadow, Doug @Epicesquire, Kyle @Whispers_vegas, And last but not least, Josefina @Jo_Dancingqueen....